What we offer

Business Development & Transformation

We help clients discover and align their unique points of difference more effectively to their customer base. Strategically linking suppliers with their retail partners to achieve brand growth and connection with the end consumer. Providing retailers with decades of experience in developing business, transforming all aspects of merchandising functions, and better connection with their customers through a more strategic and practical approach resulting in long lasting customer engagement.

For Suppliers:

Business Development – for new & emerging brands needing assistance in establishing and navigating effective retailer engagement

Business Transformation – engaging with leadership to deep-dive and identify impediments to growth, profitability challenges, market distribution gaps and branding or marketing opportunities

Offering deep experience within the Specialty Retail & Value Retail class-of-trade which can represent tremendous growth for many brands and providing extensive experience within the Food and Drug Channel as well

Development of effective Joint Business Planning process with Retail partners
▪ Identifying common goals
▪ Setting specific goals and objectives
▪ Assisting with tactics to deliver objectives
▪ Importance of tracking progress and deliverables

Application of market, demographic, and consumer behavioral trends

Guiding improved profitability through efficient promotional planning

Providing valuable insights and consultation for transitioning Direct to Consumer Business (D2C) to a Retail Business to Consumer model (B2C) – understanding of retailer needs and requirements, strategic engagement, pricing/promotional guidance, shelf-placement planning, packaging for retail, logistics and distribution guidance.

For Retailers:

Business Development – identifying opportunities of growth for existing business or identifying new and emerging business potential

Business Transformation – engaging in thorough analysis to identify areas of needed improvement to include business processes, technology, organizational structure, and cross-functional dependencies that often hinder merchandising results

Expertise and guidance in developing efficient category assortments

Effective merchandising development and execution planning – from basic category planograms, effective merchandising execution at store level, to macro space management

Insights leading to Pricing & Promotional optimization. Applying a practical approach to improving sales and margin

Development of effective Joint Business Planning process with Supplier/Manufacturer partners
▪ Identifying common goals
▪ Setting specific goals and objectives
▪ Assisting with tactics to deliver objectives
▪ Importance of tracking progress and deliverables

Private label development and growth – inclusive of developing a strategic approach, sourcing direction, packaging/label design ideation, and outline of QA processes

Profitability growth – helping clients dig-deep and understand true profitability, methods to improve and maximize total business profitability or category specific needs

Digital growth through effective assessment of product display, search, content, and optimization

Strategic Advising

B2C Advisors provides a range of advisory services to enable companies to improve their long- term results. We work with Senior Management and apply our decades of experience in:

Strategic business plan development, both long-term and near-term

Retailer/Supplier Joint Business Planning structure – effective insights on JBP process formation. Effective and practical methods to achieve mutual goals between retailer and supplier enabling maximized revenue and profitability

Identification of new business opportunities – development of new and emerging business to drive accretive revenue and profitability. Finding the white space, formulating strategy, and building tactics to achieve

Organizational Structure – providing insights on optimum merchant organization needs and dependency of cross-functional organizations

Other Services to improve Operational Performance

Business Development & Transformation
Strategic Advising
Other Services to improve Operational Performance

In addition to our core competencies, we have wide resources and partnerships at our disposal to address your needs in the following areas:

Accounts Sales representation

Fixturing & Display

Brand Development & Marketing

3rd party Store merchandising execution

Store Operations – improvement of controllable expenses; labor, rent, shrinkage, supplies

Supply Chain – logistics, warehousing, distribution

Information Technology